Sarıgerme |
Göcek'e Yakın Yerler


Is a tourism location close to Dalaman airport where there are modern accommodations. Sarıgerme, where there is sun for nine months of the year, has four crops each year. As the temperature does not drop below 7 degrees summer or winter, in february and march the citrus blossom is like perfume in the area.

If we were to describe Sarıgerme, part of Ortaca town in Muğla, starting from the beach, a 7 km long, shallow, wide sandy beach stretches in front of you. The “Father Island” ahead is not far. Climbing the peak, watching the waves hitting Sarıgerme shore, sitting belong the trees which form a roof with their low branches, listening and breathing in the wind from the sea gives an immense pleasure. The Sarıgerme side of Father Island is a yacht shelter, and is one of the locations frequented by the boats and yachts travelling between Marmaris and Göcek. The back is a divers paradise with magnificent rocks.

You can walk for miles in the shallow water of Sarıgerme beach. The sand on the floor of the water which does not pass your ankle and knee, gives a natural massage to your feet, strengthens your leg muscles and takes all the electricity and stress from your body. There is not a single pebble, or piece of sea weed wherever you place your feet. There is no other coast with such clean and pure sand anywhere in Turkey.