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If each city, each sea was described with a colour, turquoise would suit Fethiye. Turquoise means green blue, and is derived from Turk, from the blue of Turkish tiles. This most beautiful shade of blue has come to Fethiye, to Ölüdeniz. In the evening, towards sunset, the true wonder of nature Ölüdeniz, becomes a turquoise you cannot see anywhere else. It’s not blue, it’s not green, it’s both blue and green. Words cannot describe it. It’s best you go and see it for yourself!

When you arrive in Fethiye and settle into where you will stay, first take a stroll around the marketplace. You will feel like a local of Fethiye when you can strolled the narrow streets which are well preserved and where urbanization is kept well under control, with its shaded, tiny squares. You will forget your unfamiliarity, and a feeling like you have lived here for years will overwhelm you.
The colour and air of the market will change as evening falls. It’s the time of restaurants and bars. The fish starts to sizzle on the grill, and a faint scent of aniseed fills the air. The heat of the day has fallen away, and the cool evening rules.

It is not easy to discover Fethiye in a few days. There is everything you need for a holiday. History, culture, beaches, water sports, the best paragliding area in Turkey, the most impressive historical sites, the best coves, cuisine and shopping. There are very few places outside of Fethiye where you can experience such a full holiday, and enjoy every moment. 


Fethiye Museum, where the findings of excavations of ancient settlements in Fethiye, Temessos in particular, are displayed, must be seen before or after a city tour. Archaeological findings from the Bronze, Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period, and ethnographic works from Menteşe, Ottoman and near history are displayed, and the museum is open every day form 08.00-17.00 excluding Mondays.