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Shopping in Göcek?

Having dropped off your luggage at your temporary home, the best thing to do is to set off on a discovery of Göcek. But do not worry, you do not need a vehicle. Thus you do not have any parking problems. You are now far from traffic, noise and stress. While you can see the green and hear the sound of nature, you can reach the coast where you can see the world famous Göcek bays within 10-15 minute walking distance (1-1.5 km). Markets with a wide range of products and gourmet stores which you can find on Turgut Özal Avenue reached from Göcek square, have the capacity to meet your every need. On this street and all the connected streets you can find almost everything you are looking for.

göcek alışveriş
göcek alışveriş

Göcek Shopping Store

The Göcek branches of well known shopping centres, the markets with broad product range where you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, all kinds of drink and food, and which provide supplies to tens of private and rental boats each day, are in substantial numbers.

There is a weekly market established in the area opposite Göcek Primary School and Health Clinic 5 minutes from Göcek centre every Sunday. Here, too, you can purchase anything from textiles to home furnishings, food to shoes at affordable prices. You will be able to wander the market in peace, and purchase fruit and vegetables of freshness and nature which you cannot find anywhere else.

You can also visit the Köyceğiz market on Mondays, Fethiye market on Tuesdays, Muğla market on Thursdays, Ortaca market on Fridays, Dalyan market on Saturdays and meet all your needs.