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Places to See

gemiler adasıGemiler Island

Reachable by boat from Ölüdeniz or Gemiler Cove, there are ruins of a Byzantine church constructed between the 5th and 11th centuries AD, chapel and remains of civil structures. The island, which is also known as St. Nicholas, is a haunt of the Blue Cruise boats.


Is established at the mouth of the Ancient Xanthos Creek, 40 km from Fethiye. This extraordinary water source has been the subject of many mythological stories. From the city which is now within the boundaries of Ören village remains the ruins of the walls, bath and Byzantine period waterways.


The Algerian Mosque was built in 1791 by Cezayirli Hasan Pasha. Hasan Pasha also brought the Kemer Bridge, Pasha Han on the Yayla road, and the aqueducts in Yaka village to Fethiye.


The main inns of Fethiye are, Ilıca Inn (on the Üzümlü road), İncir İnn, Karatoprak Inn (on the İnbecik road), Pasha Inn on the Kemer-Seki road, Daydur Inn and Naldöken Inn.

fethiye kalesiFethiye Castle

The castle, towering over the South of the city, is thought to have belonged to the Knights of St. John. In addition to some text carved into the walls, and a cistern whose date is unknown, on the east side of the hill there are two small and simple rock tombs.

kaya mezarlarıRock Tombs

The Lycian Rock Tombs Within the City, Lycian works from the 4th century BC stand out. These are tombs carved into the natural rock, which has become the symbol of the city. The tomb rising from the sea has an interesting view.

oyuktepe koyuOyuktepe Bays

On the peninsula where the two large resorts of the district are located, Mempaşa, Küçük Samanlık, Büyük Samanlık, Boncuklu, Kuleli Aksazlar, Akvaryum, Turunç Pınarı etc. natural coves, are frequented by the locals.

Katrancı Bay

Is on the Muğla Highway, 17 km from the city. The bay covered with pine trees stretching all the way to the sea, is a recreational area within the forest, where ideal tent camping facilities and daily visit facilities are available, and where services such as shower, WC, cabin, drinking water, kiosk, arbor and carpark services are on offer.

hisarönü ovacıkHisarönü / Ovacık

These two typical Turkish villages located in the resort of Ölüdeniz, have converted their most prominent features into intensive accommodations, shopping and entertainment centres. Ovacık and Hisarönü, which have become the most active focal points of tourism, is also importance in terms of its proximity to areas such as Ölüdeniz, Babadağ, Kaya lake etc.


Is 45 km to Fethiye. Is one of the 6 large cities of the Lycian Federation and is the “sports centre” of the federation. It is known as the home of the mythological hero Bellaforonte, famed for his winged flying horse Pegasus. It has been identified as the oldest city in the Lycian area, found to be dating back to 2000 BC according to archaeological excavations.


The Oenanda city, excavated recently, is near to Incelialiler Village, 88 km from Fethiye. British and Turkish archaeologists have discovered over 300 tablets belonging to the Lycian Epicurean philosopher Dioghene.

pınara fethiyePınara

Is 55 km from Fethiye, on the foothills of Akdağ. Is one of the largest cities in Lycia. It is known as the home of the first beauty contest in the area, and has gained importance with a temple to the Goddess Aphrodite with an unusual architecture. It’s Necropolis is unique with its hundreds of “pigeon hole” form public tombs.