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Islands and Coves

göcek adası
Göcek Island

0.5 nautical miles from the centre, it is an island with its own beach.


It consists of 7 small islands, and is the preference of families with children with its natural sand and shallow pool.

kleopatra hamamı
Klopatra Bath

Is an ancient settlement on Kapıdağ Bath cove, where Byzantine monastery ruins, partly underwater, are located.

tersane adası
Shipyard Island

The largest of the islands on the gulf, on this island the ruins of ancient Greek settlements can be seen. There are also remains of a shipyard and a watchtower.

göbün köyü
Göbün Bay

Is a sheltered bay preferred by boats, with a restaurant.

boynuz bükü

Is covered in Sweetgum trees whose resin is used in the treatment of many diseases, where the boats spend the night.

bedri rahmi koyu
Bedri Rahmi Koyu

Is our bay famed with the image of fish drawn by Bedri Rahmi accepted as the founder of the blue cruise and a group of intellectuals.

sarsala koyu
Sarsala Bay

Is one of the bays visited most by the daily boat trips, and is located close to Dalaman, which has a road connection. Was used as a cargo port in ancient times, with mutual trade with Egypt.

domuz adası
Domuz Island and Aquarium Cove

Is a cove with a private residence, as clear as an aquarium with a sunken lighthouse visited by the daily tour boats.

zeytin adası
Zeytin Island

Is the only entirely privately owned island. As the name suggests, it is covered with olive trees.