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History of Göcek

The history of Göcek is based on the legend of Icarus.

Icarus’s father was a wise architect of the Daidalos era. He begins to work with King Minos on the island of Crete where he was sent in exile. Upon his request, he constructs a Labyrinth from which Minotauras, a human-headed bull-bodied monster cannot escape. However after a period of time, with the order of Kind Minos, on the grounds that he taught the secrets of the Labyrinth to Theseus and Ariadne, he is imprisoned in the Labyrinth with his son Icarus.

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‘’More freedom! ‘’

With his creative mind, Daidalos seeks a way out, and makes wings for himself and his son to be free. He sticks these wings to their withers with wax. He tells his son Icarus to not fly too low or too high, warning him in particular to stay away from the rays of the sun.

However, after setting off once with detachable wings, Icarus starts to dream of getting to see, learn and experience light, the rays of the sun and the truth behind them even closer. However, as he flies closer to the sun, the wax which adheres the wings to his body start to melt, and Icarus falls to the Aegean Sea. It is this place, where Icarus fell to the sea, which is known as Göcek today.


is a Lysian settlement between the two great cities of the Lycian civilization, Telmessos (Fethiye) and Kaunos (Dalyan). At the coves and on the Fethiye road you can see rock tombs, mausoleums and baths. Also on Tersane (Shipyard) Island there are antique and recent history ruins. On the Kapıdağ peninsula, which can be reached from Fethiye Göcek boat tours, the Krya, Lisai and Iydai ancient cities are located. Due to difficulty of access, excavation of these ancient settlements have not been carried out. Many ancient ruins carrying to traces of the Lycian civilization stand out in the surroundings of Göcek and even the islands. Sometimes while wandering the bays, the cliffs or even while swimming in the sea, you can come across the remains of this historic area.