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Food and Drink in Göcek

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Cafes and Bars

When you travel down to the coast from the main street down an alley, you will see unique, simple but elegant restaurants, fish mongers without music, cafes playing low volume world music and quality bars. These businesses aren’t located solely on the coastal strip, but also continue to exist on the back and side streets, awaiting to be discovered. Venues where bars and entertainment locations are located are decorated with flowers and plants. The high oxygen level which city dwellers are unaccustomed to, and the sweet smell of flowers can make you dizzy.

‘Traditional flavors, modern kitchens’

You can eat your breakfast, lunch and evening meals at the restaurants on the coast and Göcek centre. You can find examples of all cuisine in Göcek. With the sunset, the smells of cooking starts to appear from the restaurants on the coast. And you can choose your meal according to these smells.

We recommend that you try a village breakfast in the restaurants on the green roadsides of Göcek and the roads leading to Göcek, and try the pancakes cooked by the locals. It is possible to find food and drink options in Göcek to suit every need.